Conceived in Hawai'i, born in Maine

"The first time I tried Tropical Maine I couldn't believe the
flavor! it was like 'pow' in my
mouth--I love it! Like nothing I've ever had before, and great on
ice cream."
Stephanie Colby
Port Clyde,
"INCREDIBLE! It's like nothing I've ever tasted before!"
―Janet Murray
Rhode Island  

"Passion fruit and maple syrup . . . together at last."

A flavor new to the world has been invented! Maple syrup and passion fruit concentrate are married at last into a delicious all-natural combination. Try some today and live happily ever after.


Passion fruit

 An egg-shaped fruit that is also called a lilikoi in Hawaii, the passion fruit is native to Brazil but is grown throughout the tropics. Its highly aromatic juice has an intense, astringent flavor, while the texture is jelly-like and watery. The raw juice is highly concentrated.

Maple syrup

 Used by native Americans for centuries, maple syrup is a natural sweetener made from the sap of sugar maple. In cold climate areas, these trees store starch in their stems and roots before the winter, which when converted to sugar, rises in the sap in the spring.