After being puzzled by the ingredients, the next question that comes up is "Well, what do you do with it?"

Glad you asked!

Besides the uses one thinks of for plain maple syrup like pancakes and French toast, it goes great as a topping for yogurt, ice cream, and oatmeal, as well as other cooked cereals, on English muffins or in a sandwich with peanut butter. We use it as well on squash instead of brown sugar, as a dip or marinade for fish and shellfish, chicken, ham, and pork.

Above all, experiment to see what else you like with it.

How to Enjoy Tropical Maine

"We enjoy using this product tremendously. We have a Bed & Breakfast and I use Tropical Maine a number of different ways for our morning breakfast.

I serve it as a glaze over various different morning fruit salads, syrup for my Maine blueberry pancakes, and as a syrup bruele underneath my blueberry french toast."

I would highly recommend this product to the every day "gourmet" who is seeking something a little special or different. Love it!!!"

                                 --Emery Chapman, Harborage Inn, Boothbay Harbor